Stainhandler Roof & Deck Cleaner is a concentrate which will clean asphalt shingle and cedar shake roofs, wood decks and fencing quickly and easily. It works especially well on pine, cedar, redwood and cypress wood. Sold by the gallon, once diluted, each gallon cleans approximately 2,000 sq. ft. The active ingredient is sodium hydroxide. There is no chlorine or bleach so you won’t have to worry about its impact on your flowers and shrubs. Easy to apply, all it takes is a quick spray on application of Stainhandler Roof & Deck Cleaner to your desired surface (using a garden pump sprayer or something similar) and after 15 minutes (or longer for more stubborn stains) hosing the surface down with plain water. This will remove dirt, pollen, mildew and algae stains making stained and/or discolored roofs, decks and fencing look like new again. In over 20 years, Stainhandler Roof & Deck Cleaner has never failed to get the job done! Please see our FAQs for answers to common questions.


The Stainhandler Zinc Strips come in 2-foot sections that are precision engineered to provide environmentally safe (EPA Approved), long term roof protection from fungus, moss, mildew and/or algae. Stainhandler Zinc Strips are easily installed using clear adhesive caulk, no need to put any additional nails into your roof. When the rain runs over the zinc strips, it releases molecules of zinc oxide which are absorbed by the roof surface and prevent the growth of fungus, moss, mildew and/or algae, keeping your roof looking nice for years to come! This product is designed to be applied to a new or recently cleaned roof. If your roof is not new, prior to installing the Stainhandler Zinc Strips, you will need to clean the roof and for this we recommend the Stainhandler Roof & Deck Cleaner. For additional information, please see our FAQs.


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