Customer Testimonials

Date added: 08/08/2015

A roof cleaning contractor in NY State has purchased an average of 15 gallons per month of Stainhandler Roof & Deck Cleaner for the past 5 years. He advises that the Cleaner does a superior job of making stained roofs look like new.

- Roof Contractor of NY

Date Added 04/15/2017

I used Stainhandler Roof & Deck Cleaner and installed your Zinc Protector strips the other day and was pleased with the outcome. I felt more comfortable using this adhesive method, as I did not have to lift the shingles as much to get the strips underneath and secured.

- R.B.

Testimonial by: Jan Rogers of WA

Date added: 08/10/2016

Title: Stainhandler Roof & Deck Cleaner

I would be very pleased to provide you a testimonial for the Stainhandler product—it is absolutely wonderful. I was a doubting Thomas- as we have tried numerous deck cleaners over the past 20 years—and have struggles with using harmful chemicals—versus clean deck—and have never really been very successful. Our decks are surrounded with shrub-trees-plants and it has been a royal pain to clean. Your product- I cannot say enough about it—I did use a 1 to 4/5 mix- as the over 3,000 sq feet of OLD cedar decking was very stained- mildewed-build up of old product/sealers/stain. I actually tested it- I power washed one section first, then applied the cleaner to both the washed and the unwashed deck boards- and really couldn’t believe the difference!! There wasn’t one stain!! on my roof. I have never before been able to clean without first power washing…so this saved me a lot of time. And no scrubbing!! YIPPEE!! I have gotten really good with using the cleaner—spray it on- let it sit- water it down a bit- let it sit- maybe a little more water. Then- power wash and it’s absolutely spotlessly clean!! Even down to the ugly redwood stain we used on it in a small area 19 yrs ago!! I did take before and after photos…and just a few hours ago finished with all the decking. Still have about 1,00 sq ft of cedar to clean- as we have 6 bridges over streams that also need cleaning. Jan Rogers

- Jan Rogers of WA