How do I clean existing fungus, moss or algae off my roof?
For pre-existing stains we recommend StainhandleR Roof & Deck Cleaner, which is specifically designed to clean roofs prior to application of the Stainhandler Zinc roof protector strips. Other cleaning solutions may not be effective against these organisms, and may harm your roof or plants.

How much cleaner will I need to purchase for my roof? How do I apply it?
Generally, one (1) gallon will clean 2,000 square feet when mixed at a ratio of 9:1 with water. The diluted cleaner is best applied with a pump type garden sprayer, starting at the bottom edge and working up the roof.

Will Roof Cleaner harm my landscape plants?
When properly mixed and applied according to the label directions it will not harm your plants. As added insurance, you can wet down your foundation plantings before starting the application, and rinse them again following completion.

How often should I apply Roof Cleaner?
Once you have cleaned your roof, StainhandleR Roof Protector zinc strips should be installed to prevent the return of algae, fungus, or moss. Stains caused by pollution, pine pollen, dirt, etc.., may need to be re-cleaned as deemed necessary to maintain your roof’s neat appearance.

Can I use Roof Cleaner & Deck to also clean my deck or sidewalk?
Absolutely! Roof & Deck Cleaner is the perfect solution for restoring the appearance of wood decks, gazebos, fencing, or porches.
It will not change the wood’s color (including cedar and redwood) because it contains no chlorine bleach.
It is also ideal for cleaning most non-oil type stains from concrete driveways and sidewalks. Properly follow all directions on the label.

Will one application completely clean my roof?
You must first spray the darker streaks that appear on the roof, then spray the remaining roof surface, going over these darker streaks a second time. Some severe stains may require a lower ratio of water to concentrate. If in doubt, experiment with a small area of the roof, first starting with the recommended ratio of 9 parts water to one part concentrate. If needed, work your way up to a 6:1 ratio, which should only be used on the most severe problem areas.

What is the proper procedure for using this cleaner on my roof?
The procedure is very simple. Apply the mix with a garden-type sprayer and after a few minutes, wash the stains away, ideally with a pressure washer or with a garden hose and an inexpensive high pressure nozzle. Follow the detailed instructions on the label.