Installation Instructions

StainhandleR Installation Instructions


When rain flows over StainhandleR zinc, harmless zinc oxide is created. This invisible zinc oxide coats the roof surface and inhibits the growth of fungus, moss and algae. Can be used on new or existing roofs. Will last 20 years or more on the average roof.

Installation Instructions:

Stained roofs must be cleaned using STAINHANDLER before installing StainhandleR zinc strips. Start at either end of the roof peak. Install a continuous row under the first row of shingles below the ridge. Apply adhesive as shown and slide the edge next to the installation guide under the shingle. Nails are not required. Allow for thermal expansion. A gap of about 1/8 of an inch between each StainhandleR is required. See below – additional instructions for special roof configurations.






Made from pure zinc. Environmentally friendly. Contains no hazardous chemicals.

A second Row of Stanhandler is recommended at midpoint on a pitch of 12 in 12 or more (45 Deg. Angle typical of an A-Frame) or on Roof slopes greater than 20ft for maximum effectiveness. Typical Application are as shown.

mansardroofStainhandleR is designed to be installed on a new or existing roof. Roof must be cleaned with Roof & Deck Cleaner to remove any existing algae, fungus, and/ or moss prior to installation of StainhandleR zinc strips. StainhandleR will last the life of the roof, and may be reused. Will not rust.

IMPORTANT! Do not attempt to install this product in rain, when roof is wet, or if a lightning storm is imminent. Use care when raising shingles – in warm weather, they may be tacky and stick together where overlap occurs; in cold weather, they may be brittle and subject to cracking or breaking.