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MX-3 Wallpaper Remover is water base, non-toxic and completely odorless. Designed to remove wallpaper in the fastest and easiest way possible without heating, waiting or scraping.

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DO NOT DILUTE: This product is ready to use. Contents will strip two 13’ x 14’ rooms or 864 sq. ft. Shelf life is unlimited. No heating is needed.

PREPARATION: Cover carpet and furniture with drop cloth if needed. When working in small closed-in areas use adequate ventilation. Do not allow mix to dry on glass, ceramic tile or bare metals. Remove at once to prevent streaking. If streaks appear, try wet 00 steal wool to remove. Using a wallpaper scoring tool, thoroughly score paper from top to bottom and side to side to allow solution to get behind paper.

TO REMOVE PAPER: Using a hand trigger sprayer, a garden type sprayer or a sponge, apply a generous amount of solution to entire surface. Dissolves paste on contact. Wait 90 seconds, open up a seam or loosen a small area of paper at top of wall with a small paint scraper. Paper will peel off in large pieces or whole sections. If any residue is left on wall, baseboard, furniture or carpet, spray on solution and wipe with wet cloth. No rewetting of paper is needed unless a long waiting period ensues. Will remove up to 3 layers of paper.

If paper was applied to unprimed wallboard, it will peel off without damage to board unless scored too deep. Gently score paper.

Excellent for removing old dried paste from walls and other surfaces regardless of how thick or old paste may be. It quickly dissolves paste for easy removal. Just spray and wipe with wet cloth.

Some borders may be difficult to remove because they were hung with a non-water soluble adhesive. In these cases, it may require prolonged soaking. This bottle may refill the 1 quart bottle of MX-3 Wallpaper Remover. Do not let mix dry on glass. Cover carpets and furniture if needed. If adhesive residue is left on wall, spray on solution and wipe with wet cloth.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If eye contact occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. If skin is sensitive, wear rubber gloves. Do not breathe spray mist. Contains Sodium Hydroxide. CAS #1310-73-2