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RUCLEANEX HOUSE WASH CONCENTRATE is “The World’s Finest & Most Versatile House Wash, and Pressure Washing Liquid on the market today. With its great penetrating power it works fast & easy in performing almost any exterior cleaning job. Excellent on cedar, aluminum, galvanized, vinyl, stucco, fiberglass, masonite, plastic, & painted wood. Makes dirty houses look new, and prepares any surface for painting.

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IN HAND PUMP SPRAY: Mix 1 part House Wash 3 parts bleach & 16 parts water. A gallon makes 20 gallons. Spray on generous coat. If accumulation is heavy, spray on second coat, wait 10 minutes rinse with hose or pressure wash.

HAND CLEANING – Reduce 8:1 with water. Cleans better, faster, easier, & lasts longer than any other cleaner, and is very economical to use.

TO PRESSURE WASH: Mix 1 part House Wash with 3 parts bleach in a pail. Run through pressure washer at 10:1 ration which will cut House Wash 40:1. Apply a generous coat. Let stand 10 minutes, pressure wash. Cut 40:1 a gallon of House Wash washes 8,800 square feet. Has lowest end use cost of any wash.

TO WASH SURFACES WITHOUT BLEACH – Use 2 parts House Wash, 1 part water and clean as directed above.

NOTE – If the House Wash Concentrate color fades the products ability to perform is not affected. Do not allow to dry on glass, may leave white streaks. White streaks on glass windows are easily removed from the glass with 00 steel wool and water. If bleach is used, protect delicate shrubs and flowers. Test thoroughly before using to be sure surface will not be harmed. Do not get cleaner between thermopane windows.

Contains sodium hydroxide. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact flush with water for 15 minutes and get medical attention. Prolonged or repeated contact with skin may cause irritation. Remove contaminated clothing. Wash with soap and water. Get medical attention. Do not breathe sprays mist. Has high pH.
Keep out of reach of children.